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MARMILAME, known throughout the world for the excellent quality of its granite saw blades, operates in the difficult market of suppliers of innovative solutions for the processing and treatment of granite and marble.


The Management of MARMILAME is aware that its success is a consequence of the satisfaction of the legitimate needs of all its stakeholders and is committed to doing so, without exception, always. Its integrated company management system is the fundamental tool to guarantee this.


MARMILAME aims to systematically create value for its reference market by identifying and satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers.


MARMILAME is convinced that the development of its activities must be sustainable and compatible with the environment that hosts it, which can create opportunities for the inhabitants, the collaborators and the property and can be oriented to a continuous improvement of activities and performances, maintaining the correct balance between social, environmental and economic responsibility.


The Management deems strategic, to pursue its own purposes, to constantly and decisively oversee the following critical factors:


  1. the high technical and managerial skills of the people who work in;
  2. product quality (technical aspects)
  3. the exclusive relationship with critical suppliers
  4. customer service (compliance with delivery dates, flexibility and ability to respond to needs)
  5. good customer relationship management (good personal relationship, effective handling of complaints)
  6. product/process innovation capacity
  7. the corporate image
  8. compliance with laws, rules and regulations (environment, prevention and safety at work, ...)
  9. prevention of pollution
  10. continuous improvement of environmental performance.


The integrated company quality and environmental management system is based on understanding and periodically monitoring the internal and external factors of the context in which Marmilame operates, which can influence the achievement of its objectives.

In planning its corporate management system, both the context factors and the needs and legitimate expectations of the company's stakeholders were considered according to an approach based on an assessment of risks and opportunities.




MARMILAME has the following general objectives:


  • continuously improve the company's image to the outside;
  • prevent any product non-compliance through effective quality system management;
  • always comply with the service requirements of your supplies;
  • continuously improve, through adequate investment of resources, the manufacturing processes, the production and control equipment to:

o   improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction,

o   improve the work environment (reduction of noise emissions, ...), and

o   reduce the use of energy resources (global consumption reduction) and its environmental impact

o   by adopting the best technologies, technically and economically, possible.

  • to spread awareness among all employees of the importance of constantly pursuing compliance with product requirements and customer satisfaction;
  • promotion, involvement and, as necessary, training of its collaborators in environmental matters;
  • monitor their critical processes with appropriate representative indicators;
  • the verification of the adequacy and effectiveness of its integrated management system through audits and meetings with the staff for continuous improvement of its performance;
  • full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and commitments entered into with interested parties that govern the company's environmental aspects;
  • compliance with current legislation on job security;
  • minimization of health and safety risks for employees and the local community;
  • the systematic survey of the environmental impacts produced, understanding the effects and identifying the causes;
  • the annual definition of its objectives (both for quality and environmental) with the relative goals; implementing the relevant programs; continuously monitoring the progress of these programs and implementing, when necessary, the appropriate corrective actions;
  • submit the integrated company management system to certification and continuously improve its performance in terms of effectiveness;
  • control and management of waste that favours, when possible, recovery and recycling rather than disposal;
  • Improving relations with the local community and with public bodies based on transparency in communications and collaboration.


The Management proposes to review its policy at least once a year and at the same time to verify the achievement of its objectives.


The company's policy is published on the company's website and is available to interested parties who request it.


Massa, 24-10-2019                                                    Managing Director