Steel grit
Metallic grit has been used in granite cutting with gang-saws for more than 35 years and even if the basic concept of the application has not changed in this period, the operational conditions and the outputs have rapidly increased, especially in the last years. 

The metallic grit, which after all is the consumer's material that works as the abrasive in the gang-saws, has had to adapt to the more and more demanding gang-saws operational conditions, and has had an evolution parallel to those of the gang-saws. 

The steel grit is fundamental in granite sawing. Grit is basically used, within the highest hardness range; it can as well be mixed with a small quantity of shot. 

Marmilame has been the official distributor, for the italian market, of Talleres Fabio Murga steel grit (TFM) for more than 30 years