The new Pilot Plus from Marmilame was born from the natural evolution of the original Pilot project, in 1993

It is an instrument for measuring and regulating that automatically checks the most important parameters during granite cutting. 

It allows for safe and rapid sawing. Once a measurement cycle has been carried out, it decides on the necessary adjustments needed to maintain optimum working conditions. 

Why choose a controller :

- Precision and uniformity of any measurement.
- Continuous control of viscosity, specific weight and active steel grit.
- Optimization of all sawing parameters.
- Reduction of power.
- Lower consumption of steel grit and saw blades.
- Fewer cutting problems. 

Why Pilot Plus:

- Up to 4 tests/hour are available.
- The Pilot Plus can be installed on any type of gang-saw.
- The latest generation of electronics, with buttons on a touch-screen colour monitor, allows for immediate understanding of all functions.
- The guided maintenance guarantees easy and rapid interventions from the operator.
- Each alarm is memorized.
- Up to 200 registered measured parameters are always available, with their own graphs.
- The machine is compact and produced with innovative materials.