About us
MARMILAME produces high quality UHS saw blades for cutting granite in special carbon steel C60, with a special design with vertical closed grooves; produce also special additives for the abrasive slurry, DENDRAX and QUBI'. The Company produce also automatic high technology devices for the control of the abrasive slurry (PILOT) and of the distribution system (COSTANT). It is the official distributor for the italian market of Talleres Fabio Murga steel grit.
MARMILAME supplies its own range of epoxy systems IpoxStone for treatment and reinforcement of natural stones.
MARMILAME distributes and sells its products all over the world , with its specialised personnel as well as with agents and distributors. It also has at disposal technicians to offer post sales assistance. 
Since September of 2011, Marmilame has been producing its U.H.S. saw blades using solar energy harnessed from panels installed on the roof of its company's warehouse. An installation of 183 kw, in fact, covers completely the internal consumption of its business. Marmilame, already ISO 14000 certified and always committed to respect the environment, is the first business in the world of this sector capable of producing a "Green Blade".