Everybody knows that a well started cut ends better; we can once more confirm that well begun is half done. 

On the contrary, it sometimes occurs to have too liquid slurries at the beginning of the cutting or during the working, which involve a long list of problems: difficulty to enter in the block (low down feed and high amperage), time lost to get the speed working conditions, higher consumption of blades and grit, worse quality of the sawing, extension of the sawing time. 

has been studied on purpose by the Search Centre MARMILAME to get in short time to the correct viscosity in case occurred what written above. 

is added in small quantities, about 5 Kg, directly in the well. The viscosity will quickly grow up in about 5-10 minutes up to reach the required consistency of the mixture. At this stage the mixture will have the correct viscosity for a high cutting speed. 

The advantages of using are obvious: 

- Shorter duration of a cutting process - Easier programming of the cuttings - Power saving - Lower blades consumption - Lower grit consumption - Steady quality of the sawing - Increase of the productivity 

Qubì is exclusively be supplied to the MARMILAME customers as a part of the technical assistance. 

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