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MARMILAME’s IpoxStone® products enhance the surface quality of natural stone slabs and reduce the risk of breakage during production, transport and application. These unique epoxy resin-based materials are suitable for use in processes including:
• block reinforcement
• slab reinforcement with mesh
• void filling
• slab finishing and impregnation

The IpoxStone® range offers ready to use epoxy materials to the stone processing industry by combining tailored material formulations for a wide variety of natural stone types with cost effective processability.

To meet industry needs, IpoxStone® range utilises the latest epoxy technologies to provide enhanced performance characteristics:
• high adhesion, even to damp natural stone surfaces
• excellent mechanical strength and breakage resistance
• high weather and chemical resistance
• very low shrinkage
• high gloss after polishing
• curing at room temperature as well as for accelerated oven cure
• no solvent or styrene emissions
Epoxy materials from the IpoxStone® range differentiate by specific properties like viscosity, work life or special features to allow for selection of the best product. The IpoxStone® range offers a broad spectrum of properties to best suit the requirements of virtually any specific natural stone type and resining application:
• different viscosities for deep impregnation of micro-fissures and the smallest porosities, as well as for . lling larger sized cracks and voids
• different pot lifes and curing speeds for manual processes, as well as for higher speed semi automated and fully automated production processes
• special features like transparent colourless formulations for preserving the natural surface aspect of stones

The well equipped Research & Development Laboratory MARMILAME, is an added value at disposal of customers for servicing and customization. 
The pigments for epoxy systems from the MARMILAME’s Rainbox® range can be customized to reach the shades customers may request .