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MARMILAME presents itself, in its future, as the best partner for its customers.

The Management of MARMILAME creates systematically values of market by means of individuating and satisfying any kind of requests and expectations of its customers. MARMILAME evolves on the difficult market of supplying innovating solutions for granite cutting. MARMILAME considers that in order to reach its targets, it is strategically essential to constantly monitor with great determination the following critical factors: 

1. high technical and managing competences for the management of the company's human resources
2. quality of products (technical aspects)
3. exclusive relationship with important suppliers 
4. service to the customer (date of delivery, flexibility and capacity to respond to all requests)
5. efficient management of relationships with customers (efficient communication, efficient management of claims)
6. capacity of innovation for products/process
7. company's profile 


MARMILAME has set for itself the following general aims: 

- continuous improvement of the company's image on the outside
- anticipation of eventual non-conformity of products through an efficient management of the quality system. 
- permanent respect of the requests for service as far as all supplies are concerned
- continuous improvement, through adequate investments of resources, products, realisation processes, production and quality assurance equipment 
- monitoring of the company's important services with adequate indicators of representation 
- passing to all the staff of the consciousness that quality is an important aim to reach 
- submitting the company's system of management to certification in order to constantly improve the performances from an efficiency point of view 
- constantly pursuing the aim of reaching complete conformity of products to the requests made 
- respecting every law concerning security at work and environment